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Charles de Gaulle wallpaper-contact us  
France Auchan homes Corp: France Charles de Gaulle brand Center
France headquarters: Paris Charles de Gaulle square, 198th (Place Charles de Gaulle, No. 198, Paris, France)
France Tel: 33 1 5,531 fax: 33 1 5,537

China (Guangzhou)
China address: Huaxia road, Pearl River new city, Tianhe district, Guangzhou City, 30th
Factory address: 18th Longxi industrial park, nanpu road, Panyu district, Guangzhou City
Zip code: 510,000
Tel: 020-38603059,  38603060,  38603061,  38603062,  38603063,  38875025,  38875026(18 lines)
Fax number: 020-38603061
Franchisee enquiry hotline13719153898
Headquarters Web site:

And wholesale business, please go directly to join ext 603
E-mail: Guangzhou@rpr5.COM3
Quality tracking and complaints please go directly to ext 608

France at Charles de Gaulle in Hong Kong
Address: Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, Century Plaza, No. 250 building, 28 floor
Phone: 852-2710
Fax: 852-2710

France at Charles de Gaulle in Taipei
Address: Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan district, Taipei 20th room 1906, Evergreen,
Tel: 886-2-2758 1550
Fax: 886-2-2758 1532

France Charles de Gaulle Singapore
Address: 1 Harbour Front Keppel Bay Tower Singapur
Phone: 65-6371
Fax: 65-6371

France at Charles de Gaulle in London
Address:Headquarters 2 St James's Square London
Tel: 44-20-7496 3158
Fax: 44-20-7496 6215

France Charles de Gaulle Korea Seoul
Address: Seoul T-9 30% from Yangmei, ASEM TOWER 159

France Charles de Gaulle Japan Tokyo
Address: 1-27 -9 Yaguchi, OTA-Ku, Tokyo
Tle:81-3-3757 7812

France Charles de Gaulle Korea Seoul
Address: Korea Seoul from Yangmei Oriental with 591 new sand hole, building 7, 3rd floor
Tle:82-2-541 8325
Fax:82-2-541 8328

France Charles de Gaulle Australia Melbourne
Address:10-16 Queen Street,Melbourne,Australia
Tle:61-3-8614 6210
Fax:61-3-8614 2890

France Charles de Gaulle United States New York
Address:11 East 49th Street,New York,NY 7,U.S.A.
Tle:1-212-355 0440
Fax:1-212-862 3329

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