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Wallpapers de Gaulle introduced About DEGAULLE Wallpaper

" DEGAULLE" and style combined with 5000 years of Chinese culture and the pursuit of taste in fashion, the Confucian cultural infiltration and refined, design of square and round alternating lines, muddy fact of massiness tonal, become an independent school of the atmospheric style, all show the elegant Chinese style, elegant atmosphere, unique personality, showing the art ought auspicious gas.

Built modern style--taste personality of the heart

Modern style -- taste and personality of the heart to build

I gently, as I lightly come, waved and waved the sleeves, splendid a cloud. Even though Yao in the trend of hops, tide of people, and this is my fancy SHOW sites, using simple able sign instead of the noise of the city, it goes without saying any sexy dancing hot attitude, same fun colorful fashion style.

I walk lightly, just as I come lightly, the wave of the sleeves, the beautiful clouds. Even jump Yao in the trend of all, crowds, and this is my. SHOW shrine, with simple efficient symbols instead of the hustle and bustle of the city, without any sexy hot dance posture, also pondering the colorful fashion style.

Pastoral style--pleasant rest romantic enjoyment

Pastoral style -- comfortable rest enjoyed a romantic

Like a light eeze blowing through the pictures, slender like a pistil of green open space, was garbled by boring on urban bustling, neon heart, heavy trivial affairs aside, natural free romantic type of back low-carbon life.

Like a eeze ush picture, delicate flower like green rest, make the boring in the bustling city, the disorder of the heart, put aside the heavy trivial affairs, return to natural free romantic low carbon life enjoy.

Cartoon style--childlike paradise of laughter and boundless

Cartoon style -- childish laughter without edge of Paradise

"De Gaulle" in warm tones, warm and Frank pure fairy tale cartoon picture the children, and the children of the world of childlike naivete discourse, let the laughter really the most pure condensed in this boundless imagination figure cartoon amusement park.

"DEGAULLE" with warm colors, warm cartoon picture shows the children and pure fairy tale world, and children naivete childish words, let the pure laughter condensation in the boundless imagination of cartoon paradise.


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