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Charles de Gaulle wallpaper-brand introduction
Brand annotation Brand story Brand introduction Enterprise culture De Gaulle's honor

France Charles de Gaulle brand annotation Brand Annotation Of DEGAULLE

"De Gaulle" establishes the beginning of the brand, targeting high-end consumer body, vowed to build modern nobles, new life. Since its entry into the market, leads the entire household cloth industry at an extremely fast rate towards a new fashion craze, praise inside and outside access lines. The products is too luxurious, elegant aesthetic style. "De Gaulle" designers use classical art and modern trends of integration brings together the essence of national art in Europe, designing elegant, stylish luxury boutique. Each product designers have been carefully designed, its design combines meta-gorgeous and elegant, its brightly colored but not frivolous, grave and not boring, stresses the tonal and spatial sense of contrast, color collision and to explain the new stylish luxury in a classic style. "De Gaulle" the focus on texture of experience, allowing consumers the touch perception in years are showing, most product called the artist model, nowhere does not overflow the civilized art of breath.


" DEGAULLE" brand at the beginning of creation, is located in the high-end consumption main body, build modern barons swore in new life. Since enter the market, in order to speed the lead the entire home furnishing fabric industry into a new fashion trend, obtain both within and outside the praise. Its products are fashionable and luxurious, elegant aesthetic style. " DEGAULLE" designers with classical art and modern trend of integration, European countries together the essence of design art, elegance, luxury fashion boutique. Each product have been designers carefully designed, the pattern of a blend of elegance, its color is bright but not frivolous, solemn and not boring, emphasizing tone and contrast in color space, collision and the classic style of interpretation of the new luxury fashion. " DEGAULLE" pay attention to the natural experience, so that consumers in the touch sensing traces of time, the majority of products can be called art home furnishing model, everywhere Liuyizhao civilization art atmosphere.

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